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Our vision, mission & the team executing it

Our Core Values

  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Stability
  • Expression
  • Contribution

Every one of our team members’ conversations and actions are grounded in these common core values. They drive our business and our personal lives.

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Glenn Allen

Founder/ Real Estate Broker

Robert Farrar


Chris Hurd


Leslie Hemedes


Nicole Axon - Realtor at Glenn Allen Real Estate in Walnut Creek, CA

Nicole Axon

Transaction Coordinator

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Pennylu Villanueva

Transaction Coordinator

Helping buyers and sellers in The San Francisco East Bay since 1989

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to serve our clients by ensuring they get the education and communication they need to make the most informed decisions, thereby creating the best possible experience and outcomes in their real estate transactions. Our commitment to extraordinary customer service leaves our clients satisfied they chose Glenn Allen and his Team and are delighted to refer their family and friends.


In The Bay Area real estate market, having 30+ years of experience matters now more than ever.


We get the same gluttony of real estate flyers in our mailboxes as you do. We get the same barrage of marketing from all angles – social media, digital ads in general, open house signs on every corner and the million other ways the Bay Area real estate market consciously or subconsciously works its way into our lives. We’re the first to admit that we’re leveraging all of those pieces as well.


So once you strip away the marketing (which some are better at than others), how do you sort through to find a real estate agent who’s exceptional at what they do?


We strongly believe that having 30 years of experience really matters.  Having watched the Bay Area real estate market go through multiple huge swings, we always smile when we see the thousands of new realtors that seem to magically appear when the going is good. And while we don’t smile about it, we also notice those ranks disappear when things aren’t quite as rosy (think 2008 & 2000).


Understanding the complexities of this market sets us apart.


Being able to anticipate the needs of our buyers and sellers is something we’ve earned through decades of hard work through the good times and bad.


Whether you ultimately decide to work with us or another agent, go into that relationship realizing that experience is an asset and learning curves are expensive.  If you’re selling, understand that low inventory and record median pricing makes it easier to mask experience gaps. 


Even if your equity return over the course of owning your home looks amazing on paper, it doesn’t mean you didn’t leave thousands of dollars on the table.

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