How to Get Top Dollar

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Equity in your pocket, not left on the table.


Staged and updated to attract ideal buyers.


Our experts take care of every detail.

Don't Make Costly Mistakes and Leave Equity behind!

1. What do We Do and Not Do?

2. How to pay for it?

3. Who will do the work?

4. Will we net more money?

  • Most home sellers don't know what updates and repairs make the most difference to buyers
  • Too much time and money is spent on updates that don't result in profits
  • Managing repairs adds stress to the process

We Take the Stress Out

of Selling Your Home

Get Top Dollar in 4 Easy Steps

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1. Evaluate it!

Click the "Let's Talk" button and set up a meeting. We'll set goals, priorities, and actions for selling your home.

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2. Fix it!

We handle every detail from estimates to repairs, to hiring the right contractors and staying on top of the budget. No stress for you. Only great results!

Sold | 20342 Yeandle Ave, Castro Valley

3. Stage it!

Our experts create the multi-sensory experience that reflects the lifestyle of your ideal buyer. We'll make sure your buyer is 'right at home'.

Jason Sold By Glenn Allen Team

4. $ell it!

Innovative marketing and expert negotiation means a quick sale and top dollar for you!

Why Leave Your Profit Potential To Chance?

You can spend more time and money making updates that don’t matter or missing essential repairs that will scare potential buyers out of escrow. Our team of trusted professionals updates your home to what today’s buyers are looking for. We are experts at creating a lifestyle that appeals to your specific target demographic.

Managing even a small repair project can cause unnecessary stress for you. Prior to listing your home, a professional coordinator, licensed contractor and designer/staging expert will meet with you in your home to strategize how to best elevate and showcase the positive features of your home.

Get the result you are looking for: Let’s start your project today!

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