Real Estate investors

We have the experienced-based skills & knowledge to provide legitimate value to investment buyers

Real Estate Investors

Looking at investment properties?

Working effectively with investor clients takes a special set of skills and knowledge base. In addition to having over 3 decades of experience in the industry, Glenn Allen has a significant real estate portfolio, as well as a commercial property management arm of the company.

From revenue projections to detailed property and market analysis, we provide legitimate value to investment buyers to help you build your portfolio.

What We Do

  • Provide you with the necessary education and and communication to make informed decisions.
  • Create the best possible experience and outcomes for your real estate transactions. 


We'll Help You With

Calculating Investment

We'll give you revenue and cash flow guidance, as well as help you conduct a cash flow analysis. Get tips on cash-on-cash returns, cap rate, and even gross rent multipliers.

Determining Market Value

Knowing what a property is worth helps you decide the strength of an investment. We provide accurate and timely detailed market value analyses so that you can make the most informed decision on your investments. 

Market Rent Projections

Determining the return on your investment requires knowing market rent conditions. We provide deep, experience-based guidance on what’s realistic, how you can improve your return with ROI-driven updates, and help you gain clarity on the upsides of individual neighborhoods.

Protecting your Investment

We provide a complimentary property walkthrough and give you a detailed report on possible improvements. Does your investment property need updating to get top dollar rent, to get top dollar to sell, or to preserve the value of your asset? We want to help you maximize the potential of your investment, because we've got your back!

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