Marketing Your Home for Top Dollar

The Glenn Allen Team Difference

The Art of Marketing

Our #1 goal is to maximize your home's exposure to create interest that leads to more competitive bids and a higher selling price!


In today's digital age, we integrate beautiful photography and high-quality videos with e-brochures, virtual tours and live-streamed events to reach potential buyers on a variety of channels. Because roughly 90% of buyers begin their home search online, we prioritize marketing via digital platforms so that your home is the first potential buyers see.


Professional Photography

Quality photographs capture the essence of your home, and they're often the first introduction prospective buyers have to your property. In fact, 89% of buyers agree that photos are the most important part of online home listings. That's why we prioritize taking professional photographs of your home — both inside and out. 


Professional photography, along with staging and updating, showcase your home in the best light, which helps it stand out in a sea of homes for sale. Better photos means increased interest from more buyers and ultimately a faster sale at a higher price! 

Captivating Video

Studies show that a home with a video on its listing page is 4 times more likely to receive buyer inquiries than homes without videos. So, we take the time to craft two videos for your property: a home walkthrough guided by Glenn Allen and the team, and a marketing video that showcases your home's best features.


Showing your home's unique qualities in a video format encourages prospective buyers to take the next step: take a virtual tour of your property.


Virtual Home Tour

Prospective buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home. The easiest — and safest — way to make that a reality is to invite them on a virtual tour of your home. A virtual tour allows them to explore the property in-depth from the comfort of their own home.


With our virtual tours, buyers can spend as much time as they need navigating your property. In fact, they can even take measurements of your space virtually!

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools of the 21st century. When marketing your home, we'll leverage the power of our social network and yours to spread the content we've created for you far and wide. What better home for your property videos, e-brochure, and professional photos than on social media for all to share?


While links to property pages, video and photos are a given, we also use a number of built-in tools like check-ins, live video, polls, before and after photos, events and more to increase the buzz around your property!

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We Create a Virtual Buying Experience to Showcase Your Home
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