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All links below supply you with FREE access to The Superior Court of California’s County specified documentation download. This enables you to be better prepared for any probate matter that may entail. I do always recommend filling out legal documentation as early as possible in order to relieve stress before court. By doing so, you also allow yourself an opportunity to review legal packets per county guidelines.

We would love to answer any questions that you may have about the process. Glenn and his team have been in the industry for 30+ years and have developed countless measures of probate insight. Don’t hesitate to contact Glenn or his team with any minor or major probate questions.

Contra Costa County

Forms & Legal Documents

For a cumulative list and links to all local legal forms Click Here: Contra Costa County

For entire downloadable packets pertaining to Contra Costa County Probate including,

-Probate Forms


-Fee Waiver Guardianship

-Fee Waiver

-Guardianship – Person Only

-Guardianship- Person and Estate, or Estate Only

Alameda County

Forms & Legal Documents

For standard probate rules and links to  Alameda County Probate        Click Here: Alameda County

Or Visit the Judicial Council’s Website to view all forms      Click Here: Alameda County

For downloadable forms in regards to Alameda County Probate including,

-Guardian Packet Questionnaire

-Guardian Termination Packet

-Special Instructions Regarding Temporary Guardianship

-Conservatorship General Plan

-Declaration of Conservator of the Estate (Section 2628)

-Status Report on Conservatee

-Notice of Change of Address for Conservatees and Conservators


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